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Don't Take Our Word For It!


"For years I only dreamed of becoming a comic. Now I am and I owe that to Bill!"
Nicole Murlowski

"Bill Word is an amazing teacher, I would not be where I am right now without his guidance, he is a true mentor!"
Lauri Roggenkamp

"Work on actually being funny. Bill taught me the only rule of comedy I will ever need.
After taking Billís class no one could tell I was new to comedy because Bill always told
me to be funny first, fame will inevitably be next if you are funny."

Jackie Fabulous

"I can't think of a better way of learning the basics of stand up. Bill is good at showing the student how to develop
an individual style. This comedy class helped me get to the funny quicker. Bill Word is a real class act."

"Friendly Frank"

"Your joke writing ability has really helped my act"
Julie Kidd

"Bill Word's private coaching is an 'one on one' intense focuson a comedian's full potential. He dedicates fully attention and
time to help you achieve your goals. Bill pushes you to take your jokes to the next level and to continually be unique"

Mollie Gross

"I learned a lot and had fun. It was a great experience!"
-Paul Bement

"Bill's class focuses on helping each person grow as a comic. You will spend time in each class reviewing, revising, and inventing material.
The best part is that Bill takes a different approach with everybody. He will find the areas you need to focus on and use techniques to help you
turn your weaknesses into strengths. Another great aspect of taking his classes is the community of comics Bill has around him.
You will not find a more friendly, helpful group of people. The jokes I wrote while taking Bill's classes are still my best material
to date and the people I met have become my comedy cohorts. I would recommend the classes to newcomers and veterans."

-Adam Hastings

"Bill's classes not only educated me on the art of stand-up, but the community he has built around
his shows and classes has allowed me to network without even really trying."

-Sarah Skilling

"The great thing about Bill's course is the overwhelming support he and your fellow comedy students provide.
It's virtually impossible not to realize your potential with the reinforcement Bill provides."

-Adam Dodge

"Bill Word teaches you not only about comedy but about life, I am a different person after taking his class.
A funnier, more confident, sexier person all thanks to Bill."

-Lauri Roggenkamp

"Don't waste your money, it's just a pyramid scheme!"
-Bob Hacker

"The class is awesome, there was a lot of crying and holding, and then after the sex I learned a lot about writing jokes!"
Lauri Roggenkamp

"I took Bill's classes and not only learned all about comedy, but now I'm getting laid
by emotionally unstable comics JUST LIKE ME!! Thanks Bill!"

-Sarah Skilling

"Bill Word is the kind of teacher that will follow you home after class and stand outside
your window just to make sure you know he is there for you. "

Lauri Roggenkamp

"Bill Word is paying me to say something so he is sexy and hung....oh and funny!"
-Lauri Roggenkamp

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